Trade Referrals

My Kitchen Magician Referrals

Kitchen and bathroom renovation can be a long and confusing task - but it also can be exciting, fun, - even MAGICAL! Kitchen cabinet refacing vs. total cabinet replacement can be all the difference between a quick and painless rebirth and a long, slow, and the laborious process. What can make the difference? The people you trust and hire to do the job is the single most important aspect of every project. I have compiled a list of professionals that I have worked with in the past and with whom I have faith that they will deliver the kind of products and services that we all demand. If you have a favorite craftsmen/artisan, let me know and I would love to meet him or her and add them to my list.

Granite & Quartz Stone

Rick Dahlberg - RIK Granite - Cape Coral - 239-772-9485

Glenda Valentine - Solid Surface Solutions of SWFL - Fort Myers - 239-931-4800


Denise - Franzese Plumbing - Fort Myers - 239-574-4121

Lou - Sand Dollar Plumbing - Fort Myers - 239-437-1330


Bob Bourque - Sun Electric - Fort Myers - 941-267-7778

Mike Kellenberger - Genesis Electrical - Cape Coral - 239-699-4392

Tile & Tile Installation

Carmen Augello (supplier) - American Tile - Fort Myers - 239-275-4111

Adrain Keiser (installer)   Keiser Tile LLC   Fort Myers  239-745-9673

Glass and Shower Enclosures

A Rite Glass                    Fort Myers               239-275-3757

Cape Coral Glass           Cape Coral               239-542-1151